Depression is real.

Having to deal with a challenge within, something that is hard to address, and you are not sure where to begin.
You have been subjected to repress,
all in a saying that a man doesn't cry.
That's no way to live, it is all a lie.

There's now a dent called insecurities,
you gave anger a room to rent in your life.
You managed to suppress your feelings,
that came with a lot of stress,
decided to express your actions and that resulted in abuse.

No one seemed to notice the pain,
all people could see is that you are weird,
Only you could understand the kind of strain, wishing it could have just disappeared.
You have always wanted to be alone,
reality is you needed support,
you had fear of the unknown,
sadly your life was cut in short.

We thought you were moody,
little did we know you were depressed,
We should have loved you, that was our duty.
All those feelings were suppressed,
because you didn't have anyone to talk to.