Bacon, Hogg, Lamb and Shakespeare.

Bacon, philosopher profound,
With mighty thoughts his works abound,
Reflections did his mind engage
Were in advance of his own age.

And Hogg the Ettrick shepherd bard,
High honors all do him award,
Great fame and glory he did reap
While tending to his flock of sheep.

And Lamb, the gentle and the good,
His works all show a happy mood;
About these names there is no waste,
Pleasing to fancy and to taste.

Some critics think they do make clear
The fact that Bacon wrote Shakespeare,
But a gent lives in New York
Asks what effect will it have on pork.

Of course it would quick awaken
A higher estimate of Bacon,
But it is folly for to rear
His fame on ruins of Shakespeare.

Though Will was not college bred,
With Greek they did not cram his head,
But he well knew by translations
The history of the ancient nations.

And mingled daily in the strife
With people in all walks of life,
His plays they are to nature true
Because he wrote of what he knew.

"Alas that I have wandered here and there"
He does cry out in his despair,
While he did lead a wandering life
And left alone his loving wife.