Now let the hero of our song,
Be he who gentle treats the throng,
And would not cruel treat another,
But to each be as to a brother.

And he must have both sense and wit,
And be possessed of strength and grit,
Then strong as proof of holy writ,
For to survive he is most fit.

And according to our test,
The fittest only is the best,
These have a right for to survive,
And well they do deserve to thrive.

And this kind of evolution
It will bring no revolution,
But revolve in Christian sphere,
Where scripture truths are prized and dear.

Give us the man doth persevere,
And presses on in his career,
Undaunted struggling for the right,
Though all mankind 'gainst him unite.

Though now on top of highest mount,
Where he has found true honour's fount,
Yet those below he don't despise,
But strives to aid them for to rise.