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  • Leach The Engineer
    The engineer who drives the train,
    From scalds he oft doth suffer pain,
    And they are more noble scars,
    Than hirelings gain in foreign wars. ...
  • Lines On Methodist Union, September, 1883
    A pleasing sight to-day we see,
    Four churches joined in harmony,
    There difference was but trivial,
    But strove each other to outrival. ...
  • Canadian Charms
    Here industry is not in vain,
    For we have bounteous crops of grain,
    And you behold on every field
    Of grass and roots abundant yield, ...
  • Sailor's Yarn
    While voyaging on northern seas
    For days we could not catch a breeze,
    But were held fast as if in vice
    Surrounded by the bergs of ice, ...
  • Lament Of The Maple Tree. A Vision
    "We had a dream which was not all a dream." - Byron.

    I laid me down one day in June, ...
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Gothiclands: bruce charlie johnson again says: “in 1874 james mcintyre and tom heath created a new variation on the standard minstrel character, the tramp clown based on the vagabond former slaves. mcintyre and heath wore the standard minstrel style make up for their tramp characters which—
Liam_j_mcintyre: like james cameron never misses. no matter what it is. it's massive. that's crazy.
Usera49: officers arrested and charged 60-year-old james mcintyre with vandalism to a place of worship after they say he spray painted vulgar language on a southwest atlanta church and the vandalism included
Patriot73507011: man arrested over disturbing graffiti at historic black atlanta church
Niner488951152: man arrested over disturbing graffiti at historic black atlanta church – law officer
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For his name was heart's pain. .


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