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  • Leach The Engineer
    The engineer who drives the train,
    From scalds he oft doth suffer pain,
    And they are more noble scars,
    Than hirelings gain in foreign wars. ...
  • Lines On Methodist Union, September, 1883
    A pleasing sight to-day we see,
    Four churches joined in harmony,
    There difference was but trivial,
    But strove each other to outrival. ...
  • Canadian Charms
    Here industry is not in vain,
    For we have bounteous crops of grain,
    And you behold on every field
    Of grass and roots abundant yield, ...
  • Sailor's Yarn
    While voyaging on northern seas
    For days we could not catch a breeze,
    But were held fast as if in vice
    Surrounded by the bergs of ice, ...
  • Lament Of The Maple Tree. A Vision
    "We had a dream which was not all a dream." - Byron.

    I laid me down one day in June, ...
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  • Takes_shizuoka: 課題曲・pick up the pieces/james hamish stuart, alan gorrie, roger ball, robbie mcintosh, owen mcintyre and malcolm duncan/羽毛田耕士 自由曲・the lion king/elton john, tim rice, hans zimmer/john higgins
  • Liam_j_mcintyre: oh wait really? again just trying to real world this... would that potentially be like mr rich guy, james bond style... storing his art in a big art warehouse that then gets hit by a plane of some kind? :)
  • Roastbot007: mcintyre. allow him how your surname is worth a rock and burned the steps and there were totally normal -- james cahill,
  • Wlhsathletics: 2 for james mcintyre
  • Naturerte: james mcintyre captured this shot of a brent goose in flight, taken on the erne river estuary, ballyshannon.
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