Oh! Night Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


The old man looking out from the unclad window of his tiny hutA
He grinned his teeth and smile as the night greets his wrinkled face with it's crimson tide of a beautiful grim from a maiden moonlightB
To him Oh Age how often you comeC
Passing on folklores to him that have heard to tellD
Now is mine a day will be here when you shall hold this stick of mine in possessionE
The crickets screeches as the moon approaches to stayF
It's continuous screeching a melodious dirge on a dying dayF
The toads jumping tro and fro the road in chorusing songG
To add to the heraldry of it's companionsH
The birds flapping their wings in haste to rest in their coveted nest as the night pitches it's tent on the doorway of a shallow eveningI
A little Conquetoon dashing out from a nearby farmland half harvested looking hazedF
Unto the bush he bleats and scampered away from dangers the night harboursH
Happy are we so little in age to sing and dance under this beloved heavenly lampJ
Now the folklore has come to it's endF
Let's sleep beside our father's bed of straw and dream with a honey mindF
May tomorrow's moonlight be more friendly than theseH

Iyke Flint
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 07/12/2019


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