Look in my eyes,
What's in your eyes?
What can you see when you look in my eyes?
Your eyes is so meek and full of kindness,
When I look in your eyes I see a love that's not stained,
You are too angelic to be mine; pretty and beautiful,
Were you the cubid I know or did I stole you from God?

Can I be like you?
Can I still look young?
Can I sleep and wake while food awaits?
When I look at your smile; I fall in the admiration of your juvenile which traps me to joy.

Can I carry on my palms all ages and sing this lullaby of mine that adores you to sleep,
Naming roses after you while you still look young,
Never minding the burdens of your cry,
Plugging apples of joy to make you smile when you cry.

I will pick you up and clean you to grow in the way in which you are destined,
For I can't change the nature in which you are made,
But to praise the Creator who has made you to be mine.