Listen to the twittering of the birds in the sky,
The honey voice of the bees in the sun,
The call from the screeching of a cricket,
Reminding the night of the glorious become of a beaming day,
The melodious gale of a nightingale serenading sonorously in the darkest soul of a lonely night,

If the day has given way to the night and the night in its bliss reward the day to rest,
The sun in mutual artistry with the moon,
And the oceans resting it's tide on a bank,
Marking the birth of Adam; the genesis of our arrival.
Have you not watched the sun cry out rain while it shines,
Or the tree squeezing it's branches to give way for the passing wind?
If the music is for the sad,
What could be the happy man's melody?

Peace begets happiness
While war in its vail betides sadness the anguish of the soul,
In the mind of a man lies two souls;
The angel in its blissful garment beams,
The other in Lucifer's creed looms;
The emblem of destitution,
Their clanging armours mare's our thoughts,
The victor defines the man,
But in all we are lord over both.