Give me a paper and a pen
I need to write about you girl
How you're beautiful
Even a mirror can verify
How you're too kind
And I'm happy to be with you.

I need to write about your soul
Which is precious than gold
Having you close to me
I feel to own everything,
Being inside your temple
I feel to be among the angels
Inside the heaven.

How can I talk about you?
Cause in this world you're
Vulnerable and expensive,
Even if I will arrest all women
All girls, in this world
If I left you behind
I'm doing nothing in deed
How can I talk all this?

Explaining the real you
Is so tough like elaborating
The formation of the universe
With all physical features in it,
Elaborating the formation
Of molecules which even
I can't see with my own eyes,
But I'm useless if I won't
Write about you girl.

Retelling about you
Is more fantastic
Like narrating
The story of heroines
Who had do magics
In this beautiful world
Let me write
About you only.