I live each day trying to be my best,
Some days are hard where I just need to rest.

I'm always searching for what I need,
Learning what matters by sowing that seed.

Digging in deeper to my inner self,
Seeing those things I put on my shelf.

Sometimes I wonder why I never tried to find me before,
There is so much inside me that I should never ignore.

It's helping me find peace in being alone,
I no longer need to be glued to my phone.

I've been working so hard to become who I am,
It's so much more than what you see through a cam.

My past identity wasnt my own,
These last few months I've been free to be shown.

It's scary to take steps towards my truest passion,
I used to let fear make my whole world start crashin.

But I no longer live tied to those darker days,
This lost time shows me how I can live in different ways.

The biggest thing is to always be brave,
Removing shackles that used to enslave,
The ones that could of sent me to the grave,
When I was lost by how I used to behave,
And now I ride on a completely new wave.

I have found this peace from deep within,
It has helped me find a way to win,
The hardest part was starting all over again.

But this was the best decision I have ever made,
It has become sunshine where it once was shade,
And now I know it was worth the price I paid.

Time is healing these scars that were left on my soul,
I have finally fought back and taken over control,
From those times I was wronged when things felt so cruel
Now I watch each day as I'm becoming more whole.