What Can I Write About You?

Give me a paper and a pen
I need to write about you girl
How you're beautiful
Even a mirror can verify
How you're too kind
And I'm happy to be with you.

I need to write about your soul
Which is precious than gold
Having you close to me
I feel to own everything,
Being inside your temple
I feel to be among the angels
Inside the heaven.

How can I talk about you?
Cause in this world you're
Vulnerable and expensive,
Even if I will arrest all women
All girls, in this world
If I left you behind
I'm doing nothing in deed
How can I talk all this?

Explaining the real you
Is so tough like elaborating
The formation of the universe
With all physical features in it,
Elaborating the formation
Of molecules which even
I can't see with my own eyes,
But I'm useless if I won't
Write about you girl.

Retelling about you
Is more fantastic
Like narrating
The story of heroines
Who had do magics
In this beautiful world
Let me write
About you only.

Gideon Motanya
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