When the sun has set for me and the stars should have blinked no more,
When the time for me to go and see my friends on the other shore,
When the breath that I have loved for years have ceased,
Please, know it's already my evening sun, a fallen son of Mama Gideon

Do cry your tears for it will be the first and the last time seeing me happy
For all these years I've been a lachrymose son of my mother,
Let the hills of gesima know that the son of motanya has gone to the ocean of haunting spectres,
Be humbled by your tears, and accord me my due respect.

When I die, let Miriam come home,
Give her my share of land,
For her farm of omayio is where we grew our love,
For she is my all-time sinecure!
But I promise her that in case she leaves my body to the maggots in my hut that night,
Then will I cause a stampede:
I will refuse to get out of my hut for obsequies!

When I die, I want my two sons from same mother to assemble near my grave
Let them spit on my face as my only daughter sits far away:
For I will not allow a girl like her to be near my putrefied body!

When I die, tell my unborn son that he'll inherit my name,
Tell him I died before I saw his face,
For I'm sure a man like me always sires boys with you
If in case she's a girl, woe unto you,
Leave my house, for my birthday will be announced once again!

When I die, I will want my books besides me
Let my publishers come from where they sit down,
Pocketing my hard-found publication fee
Let them donate money to the pal-bearers for them to take me to my grave.

Finally, when I die,
Stop calling my home motanya
Call it the name of owls,
Because I'm sure I'll die an horrible death,
Yes, I'll die in vain!