The day I will die,
Will I say goodbye,
Will people cry,
What will it be like
Terrible accident
Chronic cancer,
Will I be drowned in an ocean
Never to be found

How will I die
A poor man
A rich man
Pauper, coward
Will I die a hero

Who will be there to mourn,
When I am finally gone,
Will I be alone,
Will people shed tears and groan,
Cry for the fortune I will leave behind,
Or just weep over what I own

What will be said over my gone body,
Will fiends say I stink
Watch me from a distance,
Afraid to touch my carcass
Will I cause pain in their hearts
For leaving them without a word
What will be ringing in their minds

Will I be lain in the sand
Besides my grandpa's right hand
Will there be a new soul born
Named after me
Will mummy stand the pain
Of losing his only son
The day I will die
Who will be there to mourn.