What Can I Write About You? Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Give me a paper and a penA
I need to write about you girlB
How you're beautifulC
Even a mirror can verifyD
How you're too kindE
And I'm happy to be with youF
I need to write about your soulG
Which is precious than goldH
Having you close to meI
I feel to own everythingJ
Being inside your templeC
I feel to be among the angelsK
Inside the heavenL
How can I talk about youF
Cause in this world you'reM
Vulnerable and expensiveN
Even if I will arrest all womenL
All girls in this worldO
If I left you behindE
I'm doing nothing in deedP
How can I talk all thisQ
Explaining the real youF
Is so tough like elaboratingJ
The formation of the universeR
With all physical features in itS
Elaborating the formationL
Of molecules which evenT
I can't see with my own eyesU
But I'm useless if I won'tV
Write about you girlB
Retelling about youF
Is more fantasticW
Like narratingW
The story of heroinesX
Who had do magicsX
In this beautiful worldO
Let me writeY
About you onlyI

Gideon Motanya
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/17/2020


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