The Prayer Of Habakuk Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


ith afear'dA
When the times at fullest areB
Let thy work be then declar'dA
When the time Lord full doth growC
Then in anger mercy shewD
God Almightie he came downeE
Downe he came from Theman wardA
And the matchlesse Holy OneF
From mount Paran forth appear'dA
Heaven o'erspreading with his rayesG
And earth filling with his praiseG
Sunne like was his glorious lightA
From his side there did appeareC
Beaming rayes that shined brightA
And his pow'r he showed thereC
Plagues before his face he sentA
At his feete hot coales there wentA
Where he stood he measure tookeH
Of the earth and view'd it wellI
Nations vanisht at his lookeH
Auncient hils to powder fellI
Mountaines old cast lower wereC
For his waies eternal areC
Cushan tents I saw diseas'dA
And the Midian curtaines quakeH
Have the flouds Lord thee displeasedA
Did the flouds thee angry makeH
Was it else the sea that hathJ
Thus prouoked thee to wrathJ
For thou rod'st thy horses thereC
And thy saving charrets throughC
Thou didst make thy bow appeareC
And thou didst performe thy voweK
Yea thine oath and promise pastA
To the tribes fulfilled hastA
Through the earth thou riftes didst makeH
And the riuers there did flowC
Mountaines seeing thee did shakeH
And away the flouds did goeC
From the deepe a voyce was heardA
And his hands on high he rear'dA
Both the sunne and moone made stayA
And remoud not in their sphearesG
By thine arrowes' light went theyA
By thy brightly shining spearesG
Thou in wrath the lands did crushL
And in rage the nations threshM
For thy people's safe releefeN
With thy Christ for ayd went'st thouO
Thou hast also peirct their chiefeN
Of the sinfull household throughC
And display'd them till made bareC
From the foote to necke they wereC
Thou with jauelines of their owneF
Didst their armies' leader strikeH
For against me they came downeF
To deuoure me wherllwinde likeH
And they ioy in nothing moreC
Than vnseene to spoile the pooreC
Through the sea thou mad'st a wayA
And didst ride thy horses thereC
Where great heapes of water layA
I the newes thereof did heareC
And the voyce my bowels shookeH
Yea my lips a quiv'ring tookeH
Rottennesse my bones possestA
Trembling feare possessed meP
I that troublous day might restA
For when his approches beP
Onward to the people madeA
His strong troups will them invadeA
Bloomlesse shall the fig tree beeP
And the vine no fruit shall yeeldA
Fade shall then the oliue treeP
Meat shall none be in the fieldA
Neither in the fold or stallQ
Flock or heard continue shallR
Yet the Lord my ioy shall beP
And in him I will delightA
In my God that saueth meP
God the Lord my only mightA
Who my feet so guides that IS
Hinde like pace my places highS

George Wither


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