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GardensNewport: I have a fantasy that Colin was the guy who gave George W. Bush the black eye. Then I wither back into reality. Shrug. But not so fast.

_salaspl: The fullness of goodness is holy meditation on death. Therefore while you have life, remember (your) death. -George Wither

mrglenn: The problem with third parties is that they've only had any serious success - at least since the rise of the Republicans - when there was some sort of singularly dramatic figure leading it: George Wallace; Ross Perot, etc. The parties wither when they're not on the ticket.

petrigogy: "Indeed." Dream hums his affirmative, watching as George finally plucks the black wither rose from his hands. He sniffs it. George promptly gags due to the stench of death, nose wrinkling in heavy dislike. Dream has no control over the smell, unfortunately, but he does laugh.

cshaw12897514: George Michael, Aretha Franklin - I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (Offi...

IVXXIIMCMXCVI: for i will for no man’s pleasure change a syllable or measure; pedants shall not tie my strains to our antique poets’ veins; being born as free as these, i will sing as i shall please. — george wither

luisfmercado: Fiducia concors, George Wither’s A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne, 1635

ChicaHumanStock: George Will: An essential conservative insight about everything is that nothing necessarily endures,......Care must be taken. The Republican Party will wither if the ascendant Lout Caucus is the face it presents to this nation of decent, congenial people.”

plantstwt: lore i want to still think abt - george being the only one to hear endermen in his dream - karl actively living in mizu at some point - the wither roses everywhere - why dream killed ranboo immediately when he joined the smp - big innit hotel being in the spot of dream's house

plastic_bio: Though I am young, I scorn to flitOn the wings of borrowed wit. - George Wither

thcscus: i remember seeing screenshots of just ppl getting the wither achievement, fireworks, george's dumb little mushroom hut, and "it was never meant to be" and i thought "wow. minecrafts a Lot different now"

REJUVENSENCE: " they were too bright. " a toothpick was rolled between his lips, a grin on his face. " you've enough to use a pile of wither rose, mate. george would just looove those. " a roll of his eyes, their color being yellow.

owain_george: We are planting a lot of seeds, some will bear fruit, some will die, some will wither away but we have to plant those seeds. And when you want to collect the fruits of your labor will be months, sometimes years from now, but the work need to be done today. Good things takes time

skippystheory: it's not even 8 am yet and i wake up to one of dreams manhunts on the tv playing and it's George screaming and sapnap getting killed my wither skeletons

macthepherson: George W. Bush once said "democracy, when it grows, is not a fragile flower. It is a healthy, sturdy tree" Except it isn't. It is in fact a fragile flower, or tree, that needs to be taken care of constantly, so it doesn't wither into authoritarianism or totalitarianism.

kimyeris: one day i’m a go on tiktok and see someone use that dream guy or george guy under the audio of “here comes the boy” and that’s when i’ll remove my mind stone and wither away

H0TSAP: Wither Dream, Sapnap or George will stream tonight.

vanteandmars: would summer come after spring goes, like fruits ripen after flowers wither away, everything must suffer / seems my love is up and has left you with no warning but it's not always gonna be this grey rm - everythingoes / george harrison - all things must pass

SWAGCACTl: I burned down George’s house only to live in one like it and I’m a wither hybrid

bootvwt: I'm a wither hybrid, I live in nikis secret city and I'm most known to have adopted c! George

dwtalliums: love how dream and sapnap just wanted to complete the game while george spawned endermites and a wither

dwtconfused: tears formed out of the agonising regret that washed over him, the terrifying realisation of feeling a rather large part of him wither away with dream, wherever he is. george hopes it’s somewhere nice, where it rains a lot in the summer and snows a lot in the winter.


_jesus_irl: anyone gonna talk about how george kept the wither rose dream gave him until the nether?

Maximillion_o7: George keeping the wither rose dream gave him in the 1 spot on his hot bar. Give me what they have pls.

Abhishe77728239: George Wither is an important poet amongst the Spensarian School of Poets in the Puritan Age. This video lecture entails his brief biography, earliest works and later works.

saintsbIade: “soulsand valley is my home” george wither confirmed

Joachim35677602: "Shall I, wasting in despair, Die because a woman's fair?" George Wither.

DougIpson: Edward Collier, "Still Life with a Volume of Wither's 'Emblemes'" (1696).

Wither_RoseArt: To - Tommy Drea - Dream Sa - Sapnap Tu - Tubbo Ra - Ranboo Ge - George Wil - Wilbur

camcamdamn: Technically the first quote is Paracelsus in 1596, and the second is George Wither in 1625, so it looks as though people haven't changed in over 400 years.

quackity4k: george face timed john smith last night and Jordan flipped him off

Wither_RoseArt: exposing george

BAZGINAMAN: Meaning that he couldn't form into a full working Wither with the three heads Sapnap is 11 at this time btw). Running away from his home in the nether to the overworld. Dream and Sapnap travelled and explored together over the span of 2 years. Soon enough, they find George.-

Birox14: George do Minecraft, but my friend (boyfriend) is a wither trying to kill you

Wither_RoseArt: this video made me realise that i really miss dream and george videos

Wither_RoseArt: i was watching the new george video and my mom saw him and said that she thought he looked pretty and i told her about his pretty privelege and she said thats its understandable he has it lmao

SkarfaceLee: Wow, I could feel some of my cells wither out and die inside me as I read this list Also take a moment to pause and be amazed at George Orwell's 1984. This list is basically a NewSpeak primer

Wither_RoseArt: Cons of George having long hair: Its hard to draw Pros of George having long hair: Pretty

RWBY_Fan10000: The thing is, the usage of politics in the George Lucas movies actually ENHANCED the story, because it was rooted in timeless ideals. Whereas the usage of politics in the Disney Trilogy is just using modern politics, which breaks the immersion into the story.

peteweishaupt: Poet George Wither was imprisoned and sentenced to death for anti-Royalist satires. Sir John Denham, though on the king’s side, successfully interceded with Charles I for his fellow poet’s life: “If Your Majesty kills Wither, I will then be the worst poet in England.”

nighteea: - is enderwalk free from Dream now - why did Tommy wake up drowning every day in exile - what is going on with George - what is Ranboo’s other part and backstory - what were wither roses about - who is the fifth member of the Syndicate - why does Puffy have amnesia >>

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DaveAshelman: As George Ritzer once said, good theory stands the test of time. Let new theory stand the test of time - or let it wither on the vine. But the idea of “couching” is specifically stopping up from developing new theory in the first place. 8/9

fredbartels: Interesting article by George Packer on the current state of our experiment with democracy here in the USA.

Book_Addict: Happy birthday to English poet and writer George Wither (June 11, 1588).

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leafery_: my bad for lack of context, it was under our house and already ripped i just wanted an excuse to watch George’s face wither

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talesofgnf: i love that in any vlog wither it’s tommy jack or tubbo’s vlog, george is mentioned everytime their friendship is everything to me

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bee4ndboo: george and ranboo passing each other this morning in the airport

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raymondj: "Because I can get so frustrated by setbacks that I decide to leave this garden alone and let it wither away. Or I can tend it every day and work to grow it into something even better than my vision"

CLOUDSNlNE: alao Dreams laugh when george kept getting attacked by the wither skeletons ☹️☹️ hes so Precious to me

thetruejonwest: Oh man, George, you gotta let me insult myself or I will wither and die.

Bleu_Rosek: Dream: "we can be kind of nice" Also him: proceeds to spawn 50 wither skeletons with sapnap and makes george dump buckets of ice.

dwtOffIine: dream: *celebrating that george died to the wither skeleton* *him 2 second later* dream: wait... sapnap???



hugsdwtt: this whole vid is just george dying by wither skeletons and dreams laughs/wheezes

dreamjpe: george vs wither skeletons shouldve been the title

Zelenxa: George dying over and over from wither skeletons while we hear Dream wheezing challenge! /pos


petraphobic: george's pretty privilege caused a glitch in the simulation and managed to get him hundreds of mc mob at the palm of his hand but spmething messed up and it ended up all being wither skeletons

eternitwt: you can tell dream, george and sapnap have such a love/hate relationship . mfs made him pour buckets of ice and spawned wither skeletons in but were trying to help him through the cold and hype him up the whole time

gogyanti: all of George's deaths were from wither skeletons? no problem king :)!

feralgals: my man George was really suffering this video lol... how were there so many wither skeletons?? I’m convinced sapnap and dream were spawning them

giulsakadio: I don’t know how George didn’t notice they were spawning Wither skeletons THERE WERE SO MANY

dreamsbIue: i knew from the start they were spawning the wither skeletons i actually felt so bad for george :,(

PatchesCami: Dream: george is dying more in this video than in manhunts when im trying to kill him! (later) Dream: yeah i spawned all those wither skeletons

eleanorjolly5: sapnap and dream: should we be nice to george this video? yeah i think we should also sapnap and dream: spawn 50 wither skeletons and creepers

lcvelygnf: george has gone to college and codes complicated things in minecraft and not once did it occur to him that his friends may be spawning the wither skeletons???

quacklex: just watched the ice video and here is a recap (spoilers): george: literally shaking from the cold sapnap: laughing at george and trolling him with wither skeletons dream: “put more ice george!!!”

spnptwtt: ok but how did george not realise that there was an excessive amount of wither skeletons come on

liah_hali: // gnf's vid spoilers BAHAHAHA everyone was making fun of dream for editing george's video but considering how horrible he and sapnap were with the wither skeletons that was hardly enough /lh

Needlelike101: Dream: yeah we can be kinda nice to him. Also Dream: spawns 50 wither skeletons, arbitrarily lifts the punishments, makes George dump a full container of ice into the ice bath when mans already cold shocked.

localmusickid: im like 95% sure dream and sapnap kept spawning those wither skeletons without george noticing

godstrikemedown: how did george complete this video id quite literally start crying with sapnap and dream spawning these wither skeletons

scarIetbitch: how did george not realize that dream and sapnap were spawning the wither skeletons pls i cant w him sometimes

h0nkboo: hi! we’re new to systwt any advice? -george from the wither system — Hi Gogs :) ableists will come for your ass turn on two factor authentication and don’t let any priv accs follow you that you don’t know

sweater_wither: george won't reveal his spotify because he Only listens to heatwaves


SoundartRadio: Am procrastinating from MA writing assignment by perusing George Wither's Collection of Emblemes which is proving to be more than diverting...

pissboo69: They started making out. Neither of them noticed as Quackity appeared on the entrance of admin. "MY DISCORD KITTENS.." he gasped in horror. The rage built inside his chest, turning his vision red. Before wither Dream or George could react, Quackity threw knives at them.

gnfimissyou: sapnap’s stream summary: - “gEoRgE sToP” - slime blocks, chickens, flying pigs - “george sucks” - “destroy the crystals to complete the game” - drista being annoyed for the entire stream basically - patches content! - george + wither skeletons + blaze = disaster waiting to happen

gnfyeezys: do u think flowers wither around c!george whenever he's sad... :( — AWE WAIT ☹️

R3NNEX: nobody by mitski but its c george having a breakdown alone deep in the forest surrounded by moss and trees and the flowers wither around him because they feels how sad he is

bunnesapnap: - dreamxd, will he ever tie into anything other than george? will he be the reason george is tied into the main lore? - the amount of abandoned places - not knowing how many canon lives tommy has after being revived - wither roses slowly being pulled into all the stories

bronze_yankee: Shall I wasting in despair Die because a woman's fair? Or make pale my cheeks with care 'Cause another's rosy are? Be she fairer than the day, Or the flow'ry meads in May— If she be not so to me, What care I how fair she be? - George Wither

thepaperbones1: george is gonna collect an entire mf army of wither skulls at this point

DementiaTweets: George tries to evade the biting cold wind as he describes what he hears around him. Wither the willow-warbler he wonders….

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