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George Wither (11 June 1588 O.S. (21 June 1588 NS) – 2 May 1667 O.S. (12 May 1667 NS)) was a prolific English poet, pamphleteer, satirist and writer of hymns. Wither's long life spanned one of the most tumultuous periods in the history of England, during the reigns of Elizabeth I, James I, and Charles I, the Civil War, the Parliamentary period and the Restoration period.


Early life

Wither was born in Bentworth, near Alton, in the heart of Hampshire, the son of George Wither Senior of that place and his wife, Mary, who was possibly from the family of Hunt. His grandfather, Richard Wither, lived at Manydown in Wootton St Lawrence, where the family had resided since at least 1344. His early schooling took place under Rev. John Greaves, the ...
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George Wither Poems

  • Song
    Shall I, wasting in despair,
    Die, because a woman's fair?
    Or make pale my cheeks with care
    'Cause another's rosy are? ...
  • Prelude From The Shepherd's Hunting
    Seest thou not, in clearest days,
    Oft thick fogs cloud Heaven's rays?
    And that vapours which do breathe
    From the Earth's gross womb beneath, ...
  • A Poet's Home
    Two pretty rills do meet, and meeting make
    Within one valley a large silver lake:
    About whose banks the fertile mountains stood
    In ages passèd bravely crowned with wood, ...
  • The Lord Is King
    The Lord is King, and weareth
    A robe of glory bright:
    He clothed with strength appeareth,
    And girt with powerful might. ...
  • Prelude
    (From _The Shepherd's Hunting_)

    Seest thou not, in clearest days,
    Oft thick fogs cloud Heaven's rays? ...
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Comments about George Wither

Bullskadan: george and i have been playing minecraft and we actually killed the wither for the first time ever... i am really proud because i hid like a little bitch pot shotting it with my bow and george died because it hated him especially hard
Bullskadan: avery cam: (hiding behind a tree, poking head out only to shoot arrows) george cam: (running for life, destruction all around, wither right behind him)
Shakesistergrim: that’s friendship, and true love indeed, that firm abides in time of need - george wither
Conyersthree: can the right let george soros wither in peace? the man is 92 years old. he is not pulling the strings you think he is. for christ sake.
Sirenbite: he was holding him so tightly that his arms were shaking uncontrollably. but george didn’t move. he tried cpr. he tried everything. but george was…lifeless. george was gone. and dream felt his soul wither away with every second that passed without a pulse.
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