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George Wither (11 June 1588 O.S. (21 June 1588 NS) – 2 May 1667 O.S. (12 May 1667 NS)) was an English poet, pamphleteer, and satirist. He was a prolific writer who adopted a deliberate plainness of style; he was several times imprisoned. C. V. Wedgwood wrote "every so often in the barren acres of his verse is a stretch enlivened by real wit and observation, or fired with a sudden intensity of feeling".

Context and poetic reputation Wither has been classified as a Spenserian, with Michael Drayton, Giles Fletcher, Phineas Fletcher, and Henry More. The early Jacobean Spenserians were generally republican rather than imperial (at least in terms of ancient Rome), of the "country party" rather than the "court party", nostalgic for Elizabeth I, and in favour of ...
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George Wither Poems

  • Song
    Shall I, wasting in despair,
    Die, because a woman's fair?
    Or make pale my cheeks with care
    'Cause another's rosy are? ...
  • Prelude From The Shepherd's Hunting
    Seest thou not, in clearest days,
    Oft thick fogs cloud Heaven's rays?
    And that vapours which do breathe
    From the Earth's gross womb beneath, ...
  • A Poet's Home
    Two pretty rills do meet, and meeting make
    Within one valley a large silver lake:
    About whose banks the fertile mountains stood
    In ages passèd bravely crowned with wood, ...
  • The Lord Is King
    The Lord is King, and weareth
    A robe of glory bright:
    He clothed with strength appeareth,
    And girt with powerful might. ...
  • Prelude
    (From _The Shepherd's Hunting_)

    Seest thou not, in clearest days,
    Oft thick fogs cloud Heaven's rays? ...
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  • Thcscus: i remember seeing screenshots of just ppl getting the wither achievement, fireworks, george's dumb little mushroom hut, and "it was never meant to be" and i thought "wow. minecrafts a lot different now"
  • Rejuvensence: " they were too bright. " a toothpick was rolled between his lips, a grin on his face. " you've enough to use a pile of wither rose, mate. george would just looove those. " a roll of his eyes, their color being yellow.
  • Owain_george: we are planting a lot of seeds, some will bear fruit, some will die, some will wither away but we have to plant those seeds. and when you want to collect the fruits of your labor will be months, sometimes years from now, but the work need to be done today. good things takes time
  • Skippystheory: it's not even 8 am yet and i wake up to one of dreams manhunts on the tv playing and it's george screaming and sapnap getting killed my wither skeletons
  • Macthepherson: george w. bush once said "democracy, when it grows, is not a fragile flower. it is a healthy, sturdy tree" except it isn't. it is in fact a fragile flower, or tree, that needs to be taken care of constantly, so it doesn't wither into authoritarianism or totalitarianism.
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