The Manly Heart Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Shall I wasting in despairA
Die because a woman's fairA
Or my cheeks make pale with careA
'Cause another's rosy areB
Be she fairer than the dayC
Or the flowery meads in MayC
If she be not so to meD
What care I how fair she beD
Shall my foolish heart be pinedE
'Cause I see a woman kindE
Or a well dispos ed natureF
Join ed with a lovely featureF
Be she meeker kinder thanG
Turtle dove or pelicanH
If she be not so to meD
What care I how kind she beD
Shall a woman's virtues moveI
Me to perish for her loveJ
Or her merit's value knownK
Make me quite forget mine ownK
Be she with that goodness blestL
Which may gain her name of BestL
If she seem not such to meD
What care I how good she beD
'Cause her fortune seems too highM
Shall I play the fool and dieM
Those that bear a noble mindE
Where they want of riches findE
Think what with them they would doN
Who without them dare to wooN
And unless that mind I seeD
What care I though great she beD
Great or good or kind or fairA
I will ne'er the more despairA
If she love me this believeO
I will die ere she shall grieveO
If she slight me when I wooN
I can scorn and let her goP
For if she be not for meD
What care I for whom she beD

George Wither


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