Sonnet 5 - I Wandered Out A While Agone, Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I wandered out a while agoneA
And went I know not whitherB
But there do beauties many a oneA
Resort and meet togetherB
And Cupid's power will there be shownA
If ever you come thitherB
For like two suns two beauties brightC
I shining saw togetherB
And tempted by their double lightC
My eyes I fixed on eitherB
Till both at once so thralled my sightC
I loved and knew not whetherB
Such equal sweet Venus gaveD
That I preferred not eitherB
And when for love I thought to craveD
I knew not well of whetherB
For one while this I wished to haveE
And then I that had lieferB
A lover of the curious't eyeF
Might have been pleased in eitherB
And so I must confess might IF
Had they not been togetherB
Now both must love or both denyF
In one enjoy I neitherB
But yet at last I 'scaped the smartG
I feared at coming hitherB
For seeing my divided heartG
I choosing knew not whetherB
Love angry grew and did departG
And now I care for neitherB

George Wither


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