For Anniversary Marriage-days Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Lord living here are weA
As fast united yetB
As when our hands and hearts by TheeA
Together first were knitC
And in a thankful songD
Now sing we will Thy praiseE
For that Thou dost as well prolongD
Our loving as our daysE
Together we have nowF
Begun another yearG
But how much time Thou wilt allowF
Thou mak'st it not appearG
We therefore do imploreH
That live and love we mayI
Still so as if but one day moreH
Together we should stayI
Let each of other's wealthJ
Preserve a faithful careK
And of each other's joy and healthJ
As if one soul we wereL
Such conscience let us makeM
Each other not to grieveN
As if we daily were to takeM
Our everlasting leaveN
The frowardness that springsO
From our corrupted kindP
Or from those troublous outward thingsO
Which may distract the mindP
Permit Thou not O LordQ
Our constant love to shakeM
Or to disturb our true accordQ
Or make our hearts to acheM
But let these frailties proveR
Affection's exercizeO
And that discretion teach our loveS
Which wins the noblest prizeO
So Time which wears awayI
And ruins all things elseO
Shall fix our love on Thee for ayeT
In Whom perfection dwellsO

George Wither


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