Song (untitled #12) Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Should thy love dieA
O bury it not under ice blue eyesB
And lips that denyA
With a scornful surpriseB
The life it once lived in thy breast when it wore no disguiseB
Should thy love dieA
O bury it where the sweet wild flowers blowC
And breezes go byA
With no whisper of woeC
And strange feet cannot guess of the anguish that slumbers belowC
Should thy love dieA
O wander once more to the haunt of the beeD
Where the foliaged skyA
Is most sacred to seeD
And thy being first felt its wild birth like a wind wakened treeD
Should thy love dieA
O dissemble it smile let the rose hide the thornE
While the lark sings on highA
And no thing looks forlornE
Bury it bury it bury it where it was bornE

George Meredith


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