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spectatorindex: Do you support President Trump's response to the protests over the killing of George Floyd?

SaraCarterDC: George Floyd's Family To Protestors: 'Stop looting and throw up the peace sign'

AnnCoulter: Headline: Protesters march on US embassy in London chanting 'I can't breathe'... Again, that's not what happened.

ByronYork: Hennepin County, Minnesota Medical Examiner press release--not full report--on death of George Floyd.

NBCNews: WATCH: Full speech by George Floyd's brother, Terrence Floyd, at site of George Floyd's death.

thebriarpatchMC: (2) We mourn the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and other Black lives who have been unjustly treated at the hands of the police. We stand with those protesting for justice and change. To our Meredith faculty, staff, and students protesting.

Meredith_Sell: “What in the world makes it proportional to gas an entire hillside of people?”

WzrdfLoneliness: chief of police has to be prompted by commissioner decker to talk about George floyd. Says the video he saw was horrible and that they tried to "reach out to the community" about it. REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITY AKA TEAR GAS

JulianCastro: Joe Biden recognizes the urgent need for real reform to address our broken policing system. I’m proud to support him, and I look forward to seeing these reforms become law, so that what happened to George Floyd never happens again.

cathship27: He got his 'wall'

SafyHallanFarah: My sister sent me a TikTok of a white girl crying about her parents saying George Floyd deserved to die, tearfully disowning them. There’s a whole genre of white gen z kids processing in real-time what’s new information to them (but not us), that their parents are sociopaths.

5280Magazine: As violent clashes with police marred protests nationwide over the death of George Floyd, thousands of people peacefully marched through Denver’s streets on Monday night.

meredith_walsh: Fighting the racism that killed George Floyd requires more than hashtags

DurujiUchechi: not Meredith crying while George is literally INSIDE embarrassing

BySajaHindi: Protesters are now lying down in the street. “Silence for George. Silence for Breonna. The list (of people) keeps going on. But you know what? This list is gonna stop this year,” a protester says.

Keir_Starmer: BAME communities have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19. We need the findings of this review published and action taken now. Stop the excuses: publish the review.

meredith_walsh: As the George Floyd protests continue, let's be clear where the violence is coming from Solnit’s writing on police protecting power rather than people or community is fantastic. And horror at people caring more about broken glass than taken lives.

4FreeEBooks: Writers Inspirational Quotes Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

Meredith_Kinsle: George Floyd death: NBC News In Minneapolis and across America, another night of anger Many of America's major cities remain under curfew orders as National Guard forces watch and patrol.

Meredith_Kinsle: Three British teenagers who mocked George Floyd's death are ARRESTED

bbmup1: For Meredith And Girls on the Run And Ahmaud Aubery And Sean Reed And George Floyd And Breonna Taylor And our soldiers, sailors & Veterans who die at home

FOX29philly: BREAKING: (AP) -- Attorney says family-commissioned autopsy shows George Floyd died of `asphyxia due to neck and back compression'.

Khariiiii: Meredith Grey: “It’s George! It’s George! It’s George! John Doe is George” Me:

Public_Citizen: Protestors arrested: 4,400+ Not arrested: 3 of the 4 officers involved in George Floyd's death.

StefanMolyneux: This is total crap: The doctor found NO physical evidence of 'asphyxia' - he's basing his conclusions from looking at the video, not anything to do with an actual medical examination. He states that it is just his 'opinion.'

GerryCallahan: This was 15 minutes ago. While parts of Boston were still being burned and looted. This is the definition of pandering. Hey, Charlie, those punks smashing windows and robbing stores in Downtown Crossing? They don't give a shit about George Floyd. Our governor is an embarrassment

shashigette: Know what sucks? George Floyd's murder brought damn near total agreement that something had to change. We all were crying for real change. That's gone. The rioters, looters, antifa have taken all the focus from the real issue. It's no longer about him. They made it about them.

NikkiAnastasia5: 1. New video appears to show moments before George Floyd was pinned to ground. The video was taken by a camera in Cup Foods. By Meredith Deliso; & Whitney Lloyd contributed to this report.

meredith_jarod: No time for Happy Pride Month. That shits irrelevant. Now it’s “George Floyd” month. Or maybe “Burn black neighborhoods and businesses to the ground to remember George!” Or some stupid shit like that. Be nice if that wasn’t how he was going to be remembered but oh well.

AP: Updates on U.S. protests following George Floyd's death: — Mayhem in downtown Washington, D.C. — New York City’s mayor's daughter arrested during protests. — More than 15 arrested during Charlotte protests.

AP: Updates on U.S. protests following George Floyd's death: — California closes all downtown state buildings. — Police in Portland, Oregon, deploy tear gas at protesters after projectiles thrown. — Boston police say at least 40 people have been arrested.

NBCNews: Many police step out to show support for George Floyd demonstrators.

NBCNews: WATCH: Thousands of Londoners joined in worldwide protests over the death of George Floyd, gathering outside the U.S. embassy.

4FreeEBooks: Writers Inspirational Quotes Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

ngswifty: i’ve been rewatching greys anatomy and here are some opinions that are still valid: • derek shepherd aint shit • addison is a queen • intern/resident meredith > attending meredith • cristina >>> • they should have let george be gay instead of making it a joke

WeDemandJustice: "It is the Supreme Court that has enabled a culture of violence & abuse by eviscerating a vital civil rights law to provide police officers what, in practice, is nearly limitless immunity from prosecution for actions taken while on the job" — NYT ed board

davidpoeppel: George Floyd protests: Police erupt in violence nationwide during the third night of protests.

mattsebastian: Denver police arrest 83 people for violating curfew on third night of George Floyd protests

mant_a_tangi: Trafalgar Square in London right now, standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, George Floyd and protestors across the world.

Meredith_Kinsle: Miami- George Floyd protest live updates: Beach opening canceled, CBP to monitor protests. Miami Herald

alex_burness: Denver officials continue to say that they share in the outrage over George Floyd's killing. But protesters I've talked to have said much more about their problems with police in Colorado. They aren't just out here for Floyd. Haven't heard the mayor or PD chief acknowledge that.

ShellyBradbury: Crowd plans to chant "I can't breathe" for nine minutes to honor George Floyd.

Meredith_Kinsle: Richard Sherman NFL on George Floyd Protests: ‘When Will the Response Be Justice?’

Meredith_Kinsle: DeSantis activates National Guard as George Floyd protests continue in South Florida: Orlando Sentinel

DaleMurphy3: Last night, my son was shot in the eye with a rubber bullet while peacefully protesting for justice for George Floyd. His story is not unique. Countless others have also experienced this use of excessive police force while trying to have their voices heard.

FredKiesche: And now one with an odd title to find in the spinner racks where I bought many of these: George Meredith—The Shaving of Shagpat.

NicoleGirten: My university's administration is not allowing student journalists to publish reporting from the protests to our student publication because it goes against university policy in place for COVID-19... so I self-published.

too_fastfast: The people of Denver protested the death of George Floyd (and countless others) by laying on the ground (in 85 degree heat) with their hands behind their back for NINE MINUTES while screaming "I CAN'T BREATHE" Follow MISSION MAN MEDIA for more media dedicated to social justice.

SenRickScott: The killing of George Floyd was heinous & jarring. Americans have the right to make their voices heard & protest peacefully. But violence against law enforcement & our communities are not the answer. We must come together as a state & a nation, not tear each other further apart.

CNN: California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles County amid protests over the death of George Floyd, according to a statement from the governor's office

CNN: Hundreds of businesses in Minnesota's Twin Cities — Minneapolis and St. Paul — were damaged or looted during protests over the death of George Floyd. Yet some of those business owners are still voicing their support for protesters.

4FreeEBooks: Writers Inspirational Quotes Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

pranshuverma_: Bedlam outside City Hall for George Floyd protests. Cop cars turned over and burning

KFCBarstool: New blog to go with tonight's podcast.

meredith_2020: 3rd degree murder is bullshit. That officer murdered George Floyd INTENTIONALLY.

JordanGarlandMI: Protestors and police clash during what began as a peaceful march in support of George Floyd. Very sad situation all around. To watch a full raw video click here-

Meredith_Kinsle: White House goes into lockdown amid protests over George Floyd's death


andylassner: “He didn’t give me an opportunity to even speak. It was hard, I was trying to talk to him, but he just kept like pushing me off, like ‘I don’t want to hear what you’re talking about.” - Philonise Floyd, brother of George Floyd, on the condolence call from Donald Trump

4FreeEBooks: Writers Inspirational Quotes Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

Keir_Starmer: George Floyd must not become just another name. His shocking death should be the catalyst for change. To build a better society we must stand together against racism and injustice.

Tim_Burgess: It’s everyday racism that adds up and multiplies and results in the death of people like George Floyd. We have to identify every racism and call it out - bad things happen when good people allow them to. We all need to play our part. We need to be more than just good people

realDonaldTrump: These are “Organized Groups” that have nothing to do with George Floyd. Sad!

DelicieusAurore: O might I load my arms with thee, Like that young lover of Romance Who loved and gained so gloriously The fair Princess of France! George Meredith Millais : La couronne d’amour ⬇️

vxnxlc: meredith alex george

meredith__june: i'm an anarchist dude. and i ain't no snitch. i understand why people are looting unethical corporate businesses at a time like this. until the cop who killed George Floyd (who did not commit a crime) is charged with first degree murder, then the justice system is failing us.

meredith__june: I am deeply disturbed by the death of George Floyd. We need real change at the spiritual level of this country.

Meredith_Kinsle: Derek Chauvin charged with 3rd degree murder, manslaughter in death of George Floyd

Meredith_Kinsle: Hundreds march at Justice for George rally in downtown Houston

justinjm1: Medical examiner said they found "no physical findings that support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation" in George Floyd's death

DavidASachs: This was earlier today.

WhiteHouse: "I want to express our Nation's deepest condolences and most heartfelt sympathies to the family of George Floyd."

IlhanMN: It doesn’t take a prosecutor to see that what that police officer did to George Floyd was not third-degree murder — it was chilling, cold-blooded, and intentional.

mattiekahn: Listening to NPR and hearing that George Floyd “died in police custody.” Language that makes an abstraction of the truth isn’t good journalism

TomFitton: George Floyd autopsy found 'no physical findings...of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation' 'Underlying health conditions,' intoxicants, police restraint 'likely contributed to his death'

4FreeEBooks: Writers Inspirational Quotes Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

liamyoung: They’ve just arrested a black CNN reporter live on air for reporting on the situation in Minneapolis. But they are yet to arrest the police officer who murdered George Floyd.

ahighwaychild: Meditation under Stars by George Meredith | Poetry Foundation

mimiezinne: I’m still stuck on the fact that George Floyd and the officer knew each other, worked together for 17 (seventeen) years. As in. 6,205 days. How evil and wicked.

KirkWrites79: “A former club owner in south Minneapolis says the now-fired police officer and the black man who died in his custody this week both worked security for her club up to the end of last year.”

Meredith_Kinsle: CNN Reporter Omar Jimenez Released After He Was Arrested Live on Air amid George Floyd Prot...

itsgabrielleu: Evil knows no bounds. He knew George Floyd and slowly murdered him. And still none of them have been charged.

Meredith_Kinsle: Officer Filmed with Knee on George Floyd's Neck Is Taken into Custody

NBCNews: BREAKING: Derek Chauvin, the police officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck, has been taken into custody, Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington says

ABC: BREAKING: Derek Chauvin, one of four former officers fired for involvement in George Floyd’s death, has been charged with murder and manslaughter, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announces.

meredith_happy: Mayor Jacob Frey: Justice for George Floyd - Sign the Petition!

OfficialMLK3: Thinking about George Floyd a lot tonight.

Change: George Floyd's petition is our fastest growing petition of 2020. Will you sign?

TRex21: “The Lord said, ‘What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.’” (Gen. 4:10).

MSNBC: Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, says George Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked at restaurant near Third Precinct. "They were coworkers for a very long time."

Franklin_Graham: Pray for George Floyd’s family, loved ones, and friends, that God will put His loving arms around them and comfort them during this tragedy. 3/3

meredith_ashlee: and I hope tou thao is skinned alive since he stood his egg head ass and watched this cop kill george

flic_meredith: Sign the Petition!

JoshuaPotash: This is Philonise Floyd, George Floyd's Brother. Please listen to this man.

meredith_2020: JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD, who was brutally murdered by a MN police officer. White friends, it is not our place to lead here, but to listen to Black folks, stand with the Black community however we can, & take action in solidarity. (1/2)

jamietworkowski: How George Floyd died keeps hitting me. Not a bullet but by kneeling. A bullet is a decision. A moment. People make mistakes in moments. George Floyd’s death took hundreds of moments. There was so much room for reason, for change, for grace, for good, for life.

scarlettsalerno: Welp just saw George write “007” in Meredith’s arms and then die minutes later. I have not felt pain like this in a long time. It hurts different.

DobleE_09: I voted Meredith learning that John Doe is George! "Season 5:"

Meredith_Kinsle: Officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck should be charged, Minneapolis mayor says - National |

Meredith_Kinsle: Conflict erupts at Minneapolis, L.A. protests over George Floyd death

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