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4FreeEBooks: Writers Inspirational Quotes Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

crsdetails: Best Characters in this pic ordered my me: Derek, Cristina, Alex, Bailey, Meredith, George, Burke, Izzie

spidermanffh: me: knew george was john doe because my friend described the episode to me in great detail before I even started watching grey’s also me: GASPED when he wrote 007 on meredith’s hand

Blxssxng: George needed to be killed off. most annoying character. Meredith also so annoying. should not have been the main character

Just_DAllen: I have to be the only one he felt no type of way about George dying or Izzie leaving. As a matter of fact I’m more disappointed that Meredith is going strong

REALlilDebbie: George was trash, but Alex grew on me so much. He and Meredith had the most growth.

REALlilDebbie: I loved Derek, but Meredith’s forced growth after him was the best thing to happen to her. Also, Burke was way too good for Christina & never realized it. George a hoe boy and he gets no love from me. Izzie lived up to her stereotype, hated to see it. Alex looks like a koala.

4FreeEBooks: Writers Inspirational Quotes Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

JarndyceBooks: I have a general love of Sutherland, but his entry on George Meredith is a masterpiece of perceptive bemusement.

SelfMade_Guy: George's death hit me the hardest, that was my bro man, Yang was bae. Hated the blond chick, karev was cool ASF, Meredith that's my dawg right there, Derek had to grow on me...

adrixnsays: I didnt care for George.. his character was pathetic. Derek cheated then tried to act like it didn't happen. Meredith deserved better. Argue with ya mom.

EmoryTheLadybug: When George wrote 007 in Meredith hand you would’ve thought we was related the way I was crying


midzymia: Grey's Anatomy character questions 1. lexie & amelia 2. alex & tom & richard 3. maggie & owen 4. amelia 5. lexie 6. meredith or bailey 7. richard 8. jackson 9. mark & alex 10. slexie 11. arizona 12. meredith 13. zola 14. george drop an emoji for the questions!

1989sheerans: Taylor walking George Washington the seagull while Benjamin, Meredith, And Olivia lurk in the background to eat him

Kiara_Monique95: When George died that shit hurt like frfr! Then she took away Derek from Meredith !! I can’t

sno3angel: When George asked Meredith why she slept with him and she said "you were there" I felt my heart break a little inside

yokaveli: Will we ever discuss how everyone made Meredith feel like shit for sleeping w George when in fact George took advantage of her being sad then played victim. So much to unpack in that episode

TripPigeon: "Cynicism is intellectual dandyism." ~ George Meredith

_dioneeeee: RIP George & Derek. Bring back Yang. Izzy girl you went crazy over Denny and you ain’t have to do my nigga Karev like that. Meredith you wasn’t suppose to be dating nobody after Shepard. Burke we appreciate you. Bailey is just Bailey.

GreysAnatmyQ: Izzie: "Seriously. Seriously? Seriously!" Meredith: "Seriously. Seriously? Seriously!" George: "This is a very small bed."

4FreeEBooks: Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

Bonnie19491949: Lester Maddox and George Wallace were racists,bigoted like trump,tried to prevent James Meredith,first black student,from entering Old Miss,Bobby sent Guard to remove them,Wallace also ran for president,he lost,just as trump will,Maddox was elected as Gov,won by votes of bigots

BeezyF_Baybee: If watching George write 007 in Meredith’s hand doesn’t make you cry, we can’t be friends

DavidGrayless: The future not being born, my friend, we will abstain from baptizing it. -- George Meredith

louist91ofmalum: Meredith realizing that John Doe is George is a really emotional scene

KylahGuion: Cristina and Burke are my fav characters. I liked them individually but I love them together. Meredith is annoying. George is ANNOYING. Alex is an ass. Izzie is straight but also annoying. Dr. Bailey is amazing.

caosvirginiano: grey's anatomy character questions 1. Lexie 2. Mark 3. George 4. Izzie 5. Arizona 6. Bailey 7. April 8. Derek 9. Addison 10. Slexie/Japril/Izzex 11. Nenhum... Jo? 12. Meredith 13. Sofia 14. Izzie/April drop an emoji for the questions!

4FreeEBooks: Writers Inspirational Quotes Memoirs: the backstairs of history. - George Meredith

GreysAnatmyQ: 7. Who has Meredith never slept with: George, Finn or Derek?

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