When Jah Rule said'...love is pain...'
did someone come and kill his mother,
to let him know love is not pain
maybe he wanted to force love in a way or the other,
did he want to come and propose while his eyes were drowning in tears,
and his heart was red hot like choar coal?
Did he want to propose when his heart was shattered in a thousand pieces,
like a mirror fallen from a thousand metres?

when Jah Rule said'...love is pain...'
did he mean to say pain is love
i wanted to shout ...'iam burning in pain...does it mean iam drowning in love'
maybe he wanted to feel how painful it is to lose someone he loved and not get her back,
hence i wanted to kill his mother,
it has been long since i broke up
but still could not make up
with the love of my life,
Amanda Johnson,iam not a killer but do not force me to kill you or your mother!