We are lonely in your crowd
just like the deaf community
we are searching for humility,
we are lonely in your crowd
if we can not see equality,humility or humanity in your crowd,

we are lonely in your crowd,
even if your music is too loud
there is no rhythm or reason
to celebrate a dead system or season,
with no flowering buds,
no empowering words
or no towering promises of investments,
just cowering hypocrites and politicians,

we lonely in your crowd,
we have been asking for too long,
but the answers have been too strong in our stomachs,
if you can not deliver equality,humanity or humility,
probably 'they' sabotage
and hold the economy hostage,

this is a chess move
free the hostage
by eliminating the sabotager

we are lonely in your crowd,
like with the deaf community,
you do not have to be loud
to show us humanity,
You are not
what you say you are,
but what you do!

We are lonely in your crowd,
we will rather lose hue
like water,
and stay out of the blue,
its impossible to bring us to extinction
like the dinosauer,and dragons,
we are the underground rock,
forget about exfoliation or your jaggon,

we are lonely in your crowd,
in parliament
let the lion roar,
and the crow crow,
on the pavement
let the Ndebele Ndelele,
and the dead dead,
because that is where they belong