I had a vision,
but little did i know
the devil had a mission,
to eliminate the Great Ndebele people and their wisdom,
and terminate the Ndebele Mthwakazi kingdom,

we need to arise
before satan wipe Ndebeles out of tomorrow,
and smear their lives with sorrow,
satan is advocating
for extinction of our people
and extention of his nation,

Ndebeles,we need to arise,
wipe your tears and weep no more,
no sign of unity,reconsile no more,
like aphids and ants,
the devils are on our streets at will,
if not the devils,it's the system we need to kill,

to the great Ndebeles,we need to arise,
our cause needs steam,
no more one man gangs
we now working as a team,
no job for Matebele gangs
in Matebeleland,
will we survive
until Jesus arrives in Matebeleland?

Ndebeles,we need to arise,
it is a crime to not defend yourself,
because the best defender of yourself is yourself,
lets make these Aphids deceased,
they making our land diseased,

Ndebeles we need to arise,
let's pop out of the hole like a mamba,to read the '1979 grand plan',
let's charge at the devils like a bull at a matado,
lets strike like lightning,when our grade one pupils are getting Ndebele lessons in foreign languages,
let's wash these devils out of Mthwakazi like cyclone Idai,

Ndebeles,we need to arise,
we will never know peace,
until we give a little piece of sacrifice,
someone once said,
there is no victory without struggle,
alua continua!in 1980 we were only half way through the struggle,

lets die today for the system to die tomorrow,
Ndebele blood,sweat and tears,
mean victory is certain tomorrow