We Are Lonely In Your Crowd Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


We are lonely in your crowdA
just like the deaf communityB
we are searching for humilityB
we are lonely in your crowdA
if we can not see equality humility or humanity in your crowdA
we are lonely in your crowdA
even if your music is too loudA
there is no rhythm or reasonC
to celebrate a dead system or seasonC
with no flowering budsD
no empowering wordsE
or no towering promises of investmentsF
just cowering hypocrites and politiciansG
we lonely in your crowdA
we have been asking for too longH
but the answers have been too strong in our stomachsI
if you can not deliver equality humanity or humilityB
probably 'they' sabotageJ
and hold the economy hostageK
this is a chess moveL
free the hostageK
by eliminating the sabotagerM
we are lonely in your crowdA
like with the deaf communityB
you do not have to be loudA
to show us humanityB
You are notN
what you say you areM
but what you doO
We are lonely in your crowdA
we will rather lose hueO
like waterM
and stay out of the blueO
its impossible to bring us to extinctionC
like the dinosauer and dragonsG
we are the underground rockQ
forget about exfoliation or your jaggonC
we are lonely in your crowdA
in parliamentR
let the lion roarM
and the crow crowM
on the pavementR
let the Ndebele NdeleleO
and the dead deadS
because that is where they belongH

Francis Ngwenya
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 08/13/2019


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