I Walk a thousand steps on you and you wouldn't complain.
I Throw my waist on you and you would not stop smiling.
All I am to you is a virus under you skin meant to protect and harvest.
What can I do when I am misled by all the earthly beings.
I am a being of honesty.
I was meant to appreciate what is given to me by you.
I was meant to walk in silence.
I was meant to love you.
I was made from the same soil that is produced by you.
I look down to you because of where I stand.
Your gravitational love keeps me down.
From Sun rise to sun set I admire your beauty.
From Sun set to sun rise you have your eyes locked on my journey.

You are not as special as a star.
You are a hard rock that rocks my world.
I wouldn't step foot on another planet because of my appreciation of your presence.
You sparkle in my eyes.
You keep me warm.
You protect me when protection is needed
You feed me when my soul is at its thirst.
Not even space could keep me away.
You are a strong women.
Your gravitational force has kept me in place from the day i landed on your soft grounds.