I made myself limited, limited to the words eyes and attention, there was no better creation then your presentation. The presentation of your personality was what majority never had. That was what made you limited edition

I made myself scares. I was afraid to lose myself in the darkness of the world. that is why I hid in your light for safety and warmth. In your light my eyes were open. My teacher of life. It was tough love that tought me there is no such thing as love . It was you who thought me how to fight for things that could but that was pure selfish . Who was I looking for knowledge from. A greedy human who knew nothing but herself satisfaction

It is a struggle to stand any more because you have became my limbs. Tearing myself apart from time to time is what is best even though it hurts. But this is nothing compared to a heartbeat. Lucky enough mine was stollen a long time ago and was never retained. But I think it's in a trash can because with every heartbeat it gets darker