Remember, remember, remember,
let go, and surrender,
to sustain your soul, so tender.

Be ready to give it all,
to stand tall,
after the inevitable fall.

What's a prayer,
but an expression of desire,
submitted to God,
for a desire that's higher.

Please help us see,
the impediments to Thee.
Help us let go of shame,
and all pursuit of fame.
And if it be Your will,
Please relieve this pain,
all glory, to One,
all the same!

Remember, Remember, Remember,
to openly allow,
enlightening souls' vital ember.

Through the wound, They came,
through cuts, burns, and pain,
to save from illusions reign.

to surrender,
the needless fight,
and stop hiding from the Light.

Reminding thoughts,
that welcome the double bind,
and not seeking all at once,
in patience, you'll be sure to find.

In moments choosing to see,
Hands guide,
like leaves falling from Their tree.
to again be,
Truly Free.
Like peaceful waves,
reaching out from the sea.

Surrendering what you've known,
for what you don't,
shines a light on more to be shown.

Start by choosing to begin,
and winning only,
when others win.

Surrender it all.
allows the fall,
while staying open,
to hear the Ultimate call.

Let go of categorical thinking,
Cycling one to all,
from first to last moments blinking.

Give of your heart,
don't stall,
Go with shoulders back,
standing tall after the fall;
Face the voices who say,
"you're better off being small."

With all humility amassed,
like the reed,
till hellish storms have passed.

In utter darkness,
step toward,
embracing its beautiful starkness;

There you'll find who birthed night,
and who created all that's Bright.
Embraced by
Hope, Love and Light;
In whom we entrust our fall?
The One, The Infinite,
The All-in-all.