I know if it were unarmed youths
They'd have sent their killer squad
With bullets, tanks and bombs
Like invading marauders
They'd maim, destroy and kill;

They'd match out
Like hungry and angry Alsatian dogs
Aiming for the throat of their victims
But now a small group of men
Armed with dane guns and local pistols
Ambushed and took hostage police officers
Suddenly the high command has gone dumb
It has lost its propaganda voice
The entire nation's quiet
Like nothing happened!

If it were in sane climes
Leaders would have resigned
Or committed suicide
Or both for they failed woefully
In the responsibility for which public fund
Is wasted on them;

Here? No way!
In place of resignation, they'd get promotion
In place of suicide
They'd vent spleen on bloody civilians,
Shame on them all!