Sent thirty men to rescue one man
Kidnapped by marauders in Niger
Who because of collaborators
Brought their victim to Nigeria
They thought American leaders
Were like those in Nigeria
Who compare Nigerians killed
To those killed in the Jonathan era
Instead of doing the work they stole votes for;

The marauders demanded for a million
In ransom; To show their great love
For the least citizen, America spent
Three million to rescue their man
Snuffing out life from six out of his seven captors
They did that right here
Where Chibok girls were kidnapped and impregnated
Where Dapchi girls were kidnapped
And have been abandoned to their fate
Where daily kidnappers and killers have a field day
Where terrorists are paid whopping allowances
Or are enrolled in the army's hall of fame
And professors are not paid or are paid peanuts
And qualified youth are scammed daily
With the fraud of recruitment
Where soldiers are sent and killed
In preplanned ambushes like chicken!

Not America! She was here, without our knowledge
To rescue only one man
Held in the land where many are held hostage
And human life hasn't value!
And the case is closed!