Can a strong man's house
Be plundered unless he's bound first?
Can a dog eat the bone
That hangs on its neck?
Can a fish drown
In the water in which it swims?
Can a bird be overwhelmed
By the breeze on which it soars?

Yet here in our land
A strong man wasn't only bound
His house devastated and demolished
The strong man was bound
Hand and foot, and bundled off;
We've seen the dog eat up
The very bone hanging on its neck
It munched it like biscuit bone

And sat waiting for more;
Here we've seen too a fish drown
In its own water, dead and bloated
Like bread cast on the waters that ought to give it life;
The birth has been overwhelmed
By the very breeze it soared on;
We live in a strange land, in strange times
Where nought's impossible;

Police men are abducted
By the very criminals they're paid to eliminate
To rub salt into the festering wound
The brigands demand for a ransom,
A hundred million to let their quarry go
And like toothless bull dogs we wait
We pray for a miracle, for God to come down
And save our effeminate men.