Nation of rags and riches
An individual's wealth is greater
And far above the common wealth;

Land flowing with milk and honey
Where the people are pauperized
And feed from dust bins; Nigeria
Now the global poverty headquarters

The rich grow richer
Cornering and converting
National resources to personal wealth
Stashing billions of dollars

In accursed foreign accounts
At the citizens detriment
Who groan under the weight of abject poverty
Created by so-called leaders

Fit to lead only animals but
Who pitch us one against the other
To kill one another like vile animals
To promote their selfish and wicked agenda

Of holding power fore'er;
The youth are cajoled into submission
With the ignoble title of "leaders of tomorrow"
Yet that tomorrow never comes

The crooked elders the centre stage
Like collosus have taken dominance
No hope, for the masses
Are yet to realize

The real enemy
Are those who claim to lead
Whose only motivation
Are greed and avarice.