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  • The North Ii
    The North
    The great giant
    Expanse of land
    Spreading to East and West ...
  • Ransom Account
    Dedicated to Bulama Cartoons
    Saw a cartoon
    By Bulama, my friend
    And thought it good ...
  • How Much's Life?
    How much is my life worth?
    In dollars
    Pound Sterling
    Euros ...
  • The North
    If a lesser mortal made the statement
    They'd have gone for his throat
    And would have cried blue murder
  • Nigeria Boils In Blood
    For our so-called leaders
    It's business as usual
    The executive are executing
    In the confines of executive quarters ...
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Police 4 Religious 3 Stage 3 Quiet 2 Propaganda 2 Waste 2 Strange 2 Nigeria 2 Overwhelmed 2 Save 2

Emmanuel Inya Otu-nwachi Quotes

  • It gets tough before it gets better. So stick it out!
  • It comes simplest when it looks toughest!
  • Nasty problem, nasty solution!
  • Give to Caesar what's his, and to God what belongs to Him..." But if Caesar would have it all nothing would be left to God.
  • If a child washes his hands well he would dine with the elders. It's good practice and hygienic for a child to wash his hands. But the child that dwells long in hand washing may meet only an empty dish.
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