Deep in a verdant forest
Battles were about to happen
A frog,tree lizard and a mantis
Stood ready to face each other.

Bulbous frog from wild west
Eyes eastern lizard in its den
Wary mantis is quite oblivious
Still and without even a quiver.

Frog thought lizard’s a threat
Croaking at it again and again
While lizard was in its forages
Mantis thought all this queer.

Lizard had eyed its food to eat
Something quite still and green
Heaven-sent preying mantis
Ready for its tongue to spear!

Frog was caught in its own net
Lonely in a well of little gain
Still trying to show its presence
Toiled to make lizard have fear.

Will mantis be lizard-food yet?
Will lizard be fooling frog then?
Can these animals be friends?
Queries amidst quests forever!

Time will eventually show that
Nature has always got a plan
Problems that all beings face
Fade away over time in future!

- Siva Mahendran (15/4/21)