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Dr Siva Mahendran - English Language Specialist & Professional Counsellor - Qualifications - Dr(cum laude), MEd, MSocSc, BA, Dip.PCCG, Cert.Ed, Cert.PE, Cert.Psy.FA, Cert.Pos.Psy, Cert.Coaching(FAS) - Memberships - Associate, Singapore Assn of Counselling - Mitra counsellor (Hindu Centre), - Hon. Member, International Society of Poets (USA), - Life Member, Singapore Ceylon Tamils Assn - YouTube channel: https://lnkd.in/gwD4K2Q - Poetry repository - https://internetpoem.com/dr-siva-mahendran/ ...
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  • Birthing A Poem
    The fertile mind’s a foetus
    Thoughts and experiences
    Fuel the written words’ growth
    Conceptualising to give birth ...
  • Water, Water, Everywhere!
    Does your throat gets patched
    To wet your thirst till satisfaction?
    Flora and fauna cannot do without For life, growth and even habitat
    Precious for all living beings then ...
  • Question!
    Need for some answers
    Drives one up the wall even
    Begs asking for more evidence!
    Dreams and feelings aplenty ...
  • Be Enlightened!
    A candle burns brightly
    Dispels darkness around
    Siddartha’s senses bloomed
    In the gloom he became Buddha! ...
  • Innocence Lost
    Zeitgeist’s a movie of revelations
    Shocking, brutal loss of innocence
    Dim daylights of our assumptions:
    Religion, society and great wars ...
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