History bears witness to atrocities
Nations on nations have wrought
Mankind’s never satisfied for less
A perennial immoral pandemic it is
Immense suffering it has brought
Uproot world’s reeling economies
Recurring diseases and crises
Besides the invasion being fought
Even superpowers are speechless
Twin evils of wars and diseases
Wreck the fragile peace we’ve got
Mankind’s not learnt past lessons
Genghis, Hitler and Ozymandias
All powerful once reduced to dust
Not lessons enough for all of us?
Can we erase forms and systems
Keeping our own quite intact?
Wars entail loss of innocent lives
Ruin hard-built infrastructures
Makes the invader a pariah to rut
No virtue or trust one had once
Doing no one any good hence
For more power,fame, or what?
There’s no justification or justice!
All religions clearly preach peace
It’s never late to make a turnabout
Learnt in all our formative years
All through our schooling lives
To care, to share, to have a heart
Reap what you sow the Bible says
The law of Karma too so mentions
It’s now or never to make a start
Let’s stop more harm and deaths
Be among the respected leaders
Be a world hero and play your part
Stop any more wars and invasions
Go down in History not as a curse
But a blessing in disguise or what!
Let’s all forever embrace peace
A good life is never ever a breeze
To live and let live is always an art
A science too with some prejudice
In faith,hope and God’s blessings!

- Dr Siva Mahendran (20/6/22)