Does your throat gets patched
To wet your thirst till satisfaction?
Flora and fauna cannot do without For life, growth and even habitat
Precious for all living beings then
Drinking water keeps us charged!

Life on Earth started and marched
From simple to complex cells born
For life’s slow and steady route
Water played a very essential part
Fill three quarters earth’s portion
Just as we too are so embodied!

From pure to being much polluted
The liquid’s so preciously on ration
The lifeblood of our precious heart
Crimsoned for life to still circulate
Else there’s no breath nor motion
Earth’s needs too are so reflected.

Clean water is much in demand
All over the world in every nation
So we must always play our part
Save it now and be water-smart
Care in water usage is the solution
Be model-water-user of the world!

- Dr Siva Mahendran (15/3/22)