Need for some answers
Drives one up the wall even
Begs asking for more evidence!
Dreams and feelings aplenty
Cloud our minds and thoughts.
Truth,an elusive fox in the woods
Hiding,unraveling itself gradually
Seeking to de-fruit hopeless trees
Full-foliaged sweetness untasted,
Quagmired turbulence, browning
Decaying, shrivelled, expectant
Mercy-pleading in Lord’s court.
Legal eagles masquerading
Objectively parade stuff known
Dredging-up muddied unknowns
Clearing dense grounds to clarify
Show-case the affect to effect:
Sieve through to clear any doubts,
Resolve to deliver the final verdict
Really to right the wrong done
To appease the faultless system?
No fight’s done or soulfully ends
Where there’s life still there’s hope
Struggle till the bitter or better end
Till then stop not but QUESTION!