Innocence Lost Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Zeitgeist s a movie of revelationsA
Shocking brutal loss of innocenceB
Dim daylights of our assumptionsA
Religion society and great warsC
Mired in conspiracies and liesD
Haven t ever changed over aeonsD
As the affluent pull the stringsD
Manipulating world s economiesD
Satisfying selfish gains and plansD
Creating crises causing casualtiesD
Surreptitiously so decimating livesD
Great let down of vaunted moralsD
Paraded by theological practicesD
Monsters these of ill gotten gainsD
Making a hell on Earth in pretenceD
Promised aid freedom and grants Create cruel scheming enterprisesD
Morals and ethical considerationsD
Sidelined to siphon away fundsD
Clandestine and quite deviousD
Mock the few earnest do goodersD
Can we ever redeem ourselvesD
For law and order so preciousD
Being mindful with common senseD
Be alert to not lose our innocenceD
Siva MahendranE

Siva Mahendran
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 11/13/2022

Poet's note: A poetic movie review that is quite disturbing!


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