I vividly remember that day,
When before me you bossily lay,
a malicious lion-less life,
A flattened thin disk labelled "future",

I'm the candidate number one,
I thought I told you before I came on!
Why didn't you hear this first?
I've a reputation that I boast,

Your first impression wasn't fair,
I thought you were a member,
You reduced me to one inch,
And dumped me in the dark ditch,

For three hours you watched me,
You intentionally refused to rescue me,
quietly you let me spit false on everything,
Yet you knew the true form of each thing,

As I stood to hand you to your creator,
You knew well I wasn't in order,
Yet you strongly upheld your hatred,
And made sure you see my star dead,

It took you only three hours,
To turn my long built future a mess,
You are not the only ladder at least,
I will be celebrated in a different feast,