Blessed be you genii creatures,
Guided by love and passion,
To serve humanity with intention,
of restoring worn out flesh,

To you I say thank you,
For the tired lives that turn new,
At the snap of your skillful fingers,
For this the world owe you ovations,

Unsupported,in the theatres you stand,
For far half hours of a day,
No guard on a stanchion can do this,
I love you Doctors,

You bear with the suffocating odour,
From the pus of our complications,
And your eyes feed on craziest scenes,
So we may see the light again,

In pathetic situations you stay calm,
In zero hope you become the source,
Where the odds are null you try,
With faith your driving force,
God blessed forever,

Infinite are my salutes,
I can write to eternity,
No pages can host all these,
Let me honour you with the little these.