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  • Born In A Mess
    Born on the hottest longest day,
    Hosted in rugged rugs of no linen,
    To the poorest he pauper of Kingston,
    Whose she is dear to the dumpest despair, ...
  • Hidden Love
    Here alone makes me feel sad,
    My heart calls for you in earnest,
    God might have written me in your fate,
    May God accept my worship, Amen, ...
  • To The Girl In My Head
    we've never properly met,
    since once I saw you,
    but I'd like quite to do so,
  • Dream
    All my life I had a vision,
    The best of realisation,
    Then it turned into an ambition,
    To many it's an illusion, ...
  • Doctors For Love
    Blessed be you genii creatures,
    Guided by love and passion,
    To serve humanity with intention,
    of restoring worn out flesh, ...
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  • Resilience of memory
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Mike : Eye catching dude. You fix them as a legend. Big ups
Mike : Hilarious and captivating. Bravo guy, this is a replica of good English. Commendable work.

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