Here alone makes me feel sad,
My heart calls for you in earnest,
God might have written me in your fate,
May God accept my worship, Amen,

I just want to cry in your pain,
And cuddle you in case of panic,
I want to whisper love in your ears,
and comfort you in anxiety,

I want to be all the medicine around you,
and treat wounds only on your heart,
I haven't slept yet another night,
I can't explain the reason why,
the mystic feeling is all over up again,

It craves for nothing,but your soft word,
Your image is constantly dominant
in everything I set my eyes on,
The vibrant first you I met that day,
Has tattooed my brain permanently,

Please accept my beckon,
Else listen to my wishes,
Or respond to God's will,
and make me all I dream of,