On the surface
You were a beacon of bacon
Brandishing that beam of beauty
A subtle smile and a sober star

A million hedgehog spikes
Ballooning in porcupine thorns
Of a love unrequited
A deal dismissed
A test failed
A disease dampener
A public chastising

Surface stillness
Outward naughtiness
Public paranoia
Cobwebbed our criteria
Of one sick
How could happiness conceal
So with you we laughed
When indeed at you we laughed

Now you lie below this surface
Walled in hiding your warmth
How I failed to read your face
I let you down and got you down
Depressed and suppresed the frown
That smile hiding the burn:

So happily you took it
Your life
Sadly you severed it
This life
With a rope you raptured
Captured the essential breath

I pray and brave to read it before it races another down.