Sweet seat
How warmly you welcome my seats
Daily give your allowance
Till furrows you have grown
How kind you've been my kind
Hour upon hour as I waited for time's passage
And when hot my hinds have hit
Brief escape for aeration
Sweet seat,I never had thought we would last a full day
Now we doing decades!

Shadow cast from my sycamore
Sent me not away from your shield
Shade so sure a screen from the sun
To you have I found freedom to move my seat
Shed no leaves this season
Till immobility moves away
For round this tree my cover I get
Under its shade breathe I, feed I,read I
This shade,tree shadow shed I my worry
Here live I.

Cool compound
When outside my prison might be
Quietly you let me in
Around the lawn to lazily linger
In the orchard let life flower
Within this home I wander.

Faithful Family
Away for long have I always been
Duty to you and nation has always seen
Prolonged periods in parting
A blessing in disguise disease did
Your warmth I glow in
Your presence a pillar is
Your stories our substance is
And at nightfall we reminisce this.

How often have I been lonely in company!
May be company needed loneliness to finally acknowledge appreciation.