The rays raise the rhythm
Smiling faces upon smiley subtexts
Dawn draws daffodils
Morning means merry

Chrysanthemums and rosemarys their scented stalks they submit
Bougainvillea and dandelion dance
Lillies lively lure life
The doors are daring again
Immortals praise the Mortal
For a second chance

Kittens puppies kids all gyrate
The fog of fear lost they celebrate
The sun in cheer burns bravely none to alienate
Children pile out a new day to inaugurate

Streets stream with celebratory treats
Paintings dull out past pain
Sullenness and sickness retreats
Novel tunes and songs are heard

Offices purr with pleasant sounds
Businesses peak in bounds
Sports settle the sad scores
The rain washes away the sad sores

Churches chime in chorus
Halls heal from hefty losses
Arenas are attractive again
Discotheques their lights regain

Life soon a lease obtains
As do planes,ships,cars and trains
Caution will soon be a forgotten notion
Though it be the cause of life preservation.

Meanwhile today is a bed of basils
A Melody of mints
An orchestra of orchids
And a party of primroses
Yesterdays thorns and cactus have withered.