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  • For Mother
    From nativity in maternity
    Through nine moons captivity
    Then baby births pain and festivity
    You're the constant, cuddling deity! ...
  • Litungu
    The lyre lets out a long lute
    Into the arena the lyricist
    Laughter and love in line
    Adjusts the frame ...
  • That Charming Smile May Be Amarment For Death
    On the surface
    You were a beacon of bacon
    Brandishing that beam of beauty
    A subtle smile and a sober star ...
  • Itchy Lips
    Itchiness knows no known deterrent
    Itch...itch..itch it will till the absorbent
    Itches with irritation
    Something heard anything felt ...
  • May Day Pay
    May they pay

    Workers of the world
    Disperse ...
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