Silence is all I see
Where have they gone?
No buzzing and honking anymore
As they pass and stare,or sneer at
My state
Sightless in the swollen city
Scavenging for scum
A salary to satiate my seering
Seething hunger and thirst

The hum of humanity
Has abandoned my inhumanity
In the swollen city streets
Where they would be ducking
To avoid me
I now sunbathe like landed Gentry
The smell of fumes at dusk
As they fumigate and kill the vile virus
(Perhaps I am next,I a human virus)
Accompanies my snore through the
Sordid night

Is this the social distance?
Sanitizing the "society"
And not the streets
And their "settlers?"
Does it care where we stay
What we eat
Who we are
Whom we work with?

I hear you visit the premier
As well as his puppy
I guess you're more human
Than humans!