From nativity in maternity
Through nine moons captivity
Then baby births pain and festivity
You're the constant, cuddling deity!

Through baby bouts and doubts you stumbled
Fevers and faints love you kindled
Toddling through kidding you fumbled
Then onward teenagers you championed
Miniature adults to mature wo/men you fashioned
You're the constant, cuddling deity.

Everyday through the day you're my day
Kept all my pain away from my tray
Filled my train with love from your spray
Inward and outward with your let's pray
You're the constant cuddling deity.

So today our satiated selves
Sing of your sacrificial self
Cause a thousand love shelves
Splintered from your singular self
You're the constant cuddling deity.

Happy mother's day
Happy mothering,motherhood
You're the constant cuddling deities.