Thomas Chatterton Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


WITH Shakspeare's manhood at a boy's wild heartA
Through Hamlet's doubt to Shakspeare near alliedB
And kin to Milton through his Satan's prideB
At Death's sole door he stooped and craved a dartA
And to the dear new bower of England's artA
Even to that shrine Time else had deifiedB
The unuttered heart that soared against his sideB
Drove the fell point and smote life's seals apartA
Thy nested home loves noble ChattertonC
The angel trodden stair thy soul could traceD
Up Redcliffe's spire and in the world's armed spaceD
Thy gallant sword play these to many an oneC
Are sweet for ever as thy grave unknownE
And love dream of thine unrecorded faceD

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


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